Margarita is ready for the wedding with Floro. All the friends of the wetland are willing to savor the delights that she has prepared for such an important moment.

On another side of the pond Floro the cocuyo, is very sad because he has lost his job of lighting the fields at night, a situation that is used by the Ant Queen and his followers Hormigón, to snatch him, after a series of vague promises his treasure more Valuable: The Light From afar, the Spider wallet brings a message from his beloved, but Floro, invaded by pretenses of greatness, rejects it, however, and thanks to the advice of the messenger, he decides to face the Hormigón, in order to recover his light.

With this premise, you must face salespeople, travel to heaven, descend to hell, call international help, all in order to recover it and thereby achieve the finalization of the wedding.

With light recovered everything seems to return to normal, he meets Margarita, who gives him a kiss to celebrate his new position as President of the Energy Saving Commission, appointment that does not make the Ant Queen happy to go out to download a series of insults and expletives against Floro and his recent rise.


Artistic Initiatives 2010
British Colombo Gym 2010
III Festival to the Mom in Sopo 2010
XI Festival of Culture of Ant. Nariño 2010
2010 Community Theater District Encounter XX Festival the Noble Gesture Carmen de Viboral 2011
Bibliored Season 2011
Gilberto Álzate Avendaño Foundation 2011
Appropriation House Third Act 2013
Community Meeting of Teatro Joven Medellin 2013
Intimate Festival of Theater Aipe Huila 2013
Taking of Usme Popular Theater 2014
XXIV Guantánamo Theater Crusade - Baracoa CUBA 2014 Bayamo Book Fair - Cuba 2014
Iberoamerican Festival of Theater of Bogotá 2014
III International Festival of the Mask - Teatrova 2014
Festival Int. De Teatro Ibagué 2014
Christmas Humana Bogotá 2014
International Funza Theater Festival 2015
Season of Theater to the Park Bogotá 2015 - 2016
Ibero-American Festival of Theater of Bogotá 2016
International Festival of Street Theater Mesitas 2016
XVI Tunja Street Theater Stop 2016
XV Bogota Community Theater Meeting 2016
International Theater Festival of Cali 2016
VII International Festival of Popular Theater La Matraca
Experimental Theater Program of Boyacá -Tunja 2017
International Festival of Culture -Tunja 2017

Tunja Street Theater Stop-2017
Season Casa tercer acto 2017


- Open stage space such as a sports field or a platform of at least 7 X 7 meters.
- Space in Hall with similar dimensions with a minimum height of 3 meters.
- Availability Two (2) hours for assembly and preparation. - Sound equipment with CD unit and two lapel or headband microphones.
- 10 par 64 lights, for open spaces, if the presentation is in the evening hours
- Cameron tent located behind the theater.



Daniel Castro

Alexander Corredor

Stefanía Marín


Technician: Carlos Ponton
General Direction: Luis Daniel Castro