We are a group that has been working for more than ten years in the artistic and cultural development in the Santa Fe neighborhood placed in Bogotá D.C., by means of assembly and presentation of theater plays and “comparsas”; as well as the implementation of training processes with children and young people. Since 2012, we have had the Casa Tercer Acto as a space for everybody, this scenario not only enables theatrical action, it also contemplates the presentation of artistic pieces with public access through barter.

We annually celebrate the Diversity festival, we seek respect and inclusion of minority population groups.

Since the creation of the corporation, it has always been considered vital to have a space in which the elements of artistic and cultural development
can be maintained, as well as having an adequate setting to create, rehearse and advance a training process with community.

For several years and with the help of the members of the group, friends and colleagues, we were able to build some savings that today allows us to have our own headquarters, on 3rd Street No 1A-72. In it three vital areas have been implemented for the project that Third Act intends to advance.

Administrative: It includes an equipped office where the processes of meetings, artistic councils and other eventualities of operative character of the corporation are advanced. The house has two wineries in which they are organized and have the elements of the group.

Artistic: It is constituted by a six meter deep stage, with a height of five meters, with a black camera, a grid of twenty lights and a sound system manipulated from a front cabin, it has an adequate dressing room and two levels and space for eighty people. In addition, the house has a Cutting
and Dressmaking Workshop in which suits, designs and builds costumes for theater, dance and comparsa, not only of the corporation but also of
other groups.

Well-being: the corporation has three mixed bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room and a courtyard, whose objective is to provide groups and shelter the night during their stay.

CASA TERCER ACTO: Inaugurated on October 4, 2012, as a cultural meeting space in the center of the city of Bogotá, it has become a community epicenter in which children and adults gather as spectators of a staging . The groups have also appropriated of this space, scheduling rehearsals and thus contributing to give life to the scenario.

TRAINING: As part of the activities of the Corporation, the stilt training areas have been initially implemented, Street Theater as part of the strengthening of the group; in sound and voice for the street. Artistic and characterization makeup and Costumes

 These workshops have been aimed at young people (boys and girls) from the community, showing very good results and a stable process with very good projection.